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Katoomba VIII: Building Foundations for Pro-Poor Ecosystem Services in Africa

Kampala, Uganda

In recent years, markets and payments for ecosystem services (PES), such as carbon sequestration, watershed protection and biodiversity conservation, have emerged in several African nations as a viable method for maintaining ecosystems and rewarding responsible environmental management. These mechanisms are generally appearing on an ad hoc basis, however, and little strategic dialogue has occurred to harmonize efforts to achieve broader economic and environmental objectives. In response, Forest Trends, the Katoomba Group, Ecoagriculture Partners, and other international and African partners organized the workshop, “Building Foundations for Pro-Poor Ecosystem Services in Africa,” on 19-22 September, 2005 in Uganda.The objectives of this workshop were to strengthen the capacity for individuals to create PES mechanisms, to assess the current state of PES in Africa, to share information about past PES schemes in other regions of the world and to plan the systematic establishment of pro-poor PES schemes in East and Southern Africa . A diverse group of leaders from Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda , Malawi , and South Africa who are involved with private business, policy making, community leadership, NGOs and academia attended, representing the integral players needed to establish PES (buyers, sellers, intermediaries, etc).



Private Meeting

Private Meeting Agenda

Private Meeting Participant List

PresentationsIntroduction and Overview of Workshop Objectives,
Michael Jenkins and Sara Scherr, Forest Trends (37KB)

Strategic Planning for PES in Africa
Alice Ruhweza, National Environment Management Authority , Uganda , and Sam Korutaro, DAI International (708KB)

Payments for Watershed Services
Ivan Bond, International Institute for Environment and Development (5900KB)

Presentation of the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program
Kerry ten Kate and Mira Inbar, Forest Trends (6063KB)

. Presentation of the Priority Ecosystem Market Matrix
Ricardo Bayon, Ecosystem Marketplace (57KB)

International Carbon Trading Markets
John Niles, Climate Community Biodiversity Alliance (42KB)

Katoomba Group: Next Steps
Nicola King, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and Byamukama Biryawaho, Environment Conservation Trust of Uganda (18KB)

Public Plenary

Public Plenary Agenda

Public Plenary Participants List


Using Payments for Ecosystem Services to Achieve Conservation and Development Objectives
Sara Scherr, Forest Trends (2186KB)


Strategic Planning Workshop

Mweya Workshop Agenda

Mweya Workshop Participants List

Mweya Workshop Summary


Building the Foundations for Pro-Poor Payments for Ecosystem Services in Agricultural and Forest Landscapes of Africa
Sara Scherr, Forest Trends (63KB)

Conceptual Framework for Building Institutions and Capacity for PES
Sara Scherr, Forest Trends and Ecoagriculture Partners (87KB)

Overview of payment for ecosystem services in Uganda
Telly Eugene Muramira, Director Policy Planning and (27KB)

Overview of PES in Kenya
Samuel Mwangi, Kenya Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge, and Clive Mutunga, Bureau of Economic Analysis International, Kenya (86KB)

Overview of PES in South Africa
Nicola King, Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (5721KB)

Carbon Emission Offsets
Gary Bull, University of British Columbia, Canada (3757KB)

PES: A Review of Payments for Biodiversity Services
Brent Swallow, World Agroforestry Centre (6612KB)

Payments for Watershed Services
Ivan Bond, International Institute for Environment and Development (6805KB)

Motivating Buyers
Kerry ten Kate, Insight Investment / Forest Trends (38KB)

Writing the Rules
Kim Yeadon, Former Minister of Parliament, New South Wales, Australia (18KB)