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Together with partners around the world, Forest Trends pioneers innovative finance for conservation - promoting healthy forests, sustainable agriculture, clean water, robust climate action, protected biodiversity, and strong communities.

Our programs and initiatives publish timely research, bring together diverse actors, and apply these approaches to make a difference on the ground, often blazing trails for bold and far-reaching policies in the process.


Forest Trends works to protect critical ecosystems through a broad range of environmental finance, markets, supply chains, and other incentive mechanisms.

Biodiversity Investments

State of Biodiversity Mitigation 2017

Markets and Compensation for Global Infrastructure Development

Between 2015 and 2030, global spending on transportation networks, energy, utilities, and other essential infrastructure is expected to double. This infrastructure development is necessary to keep pace with growing populations, our current infrastructure’s depreciation, and the moral imperative to provide a basic modern standard of living for all people on this planet. However, this infrastructure […]

By Genevieve Bennett, Melissa Gallant, Kerry ten Kate, Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace
Forests Investments

Fertile Ground: State of Forest Carbon Finance 2017

Policymakers around the world recognize the potential for natural land area to combat climate change: a total of 97 countries mentioned specific plans to reduce emissions from deforestation or increase forest cover in their Paris Agreement commitments. As the international community and domestic lawmakers figure out how to meet their emissions reductions targets in a […]

By Kelley Hamrick, Melissa Gallant

Zooming In: Companies, Commodities, & Traceability Commitments that Count, 2018

“Zooming In” presents new analysis by Forest Trends’ Supply Change Initiative and Ceres about how companies that are committed to addressing commodity-driven deforestation are tracing supplies to their origin—be it factory, farm, field, or forest—so they can determine the impact their supply chains have on forests. Companies with exposure to deforestation in their supply chains […]

By Stephen Donofrio - Senior Advisor, Supply Change, Philip Rothrock - Associate, Supply Change, Jonathan Leonard - Associate, Supply Change

Getting the “Bads” Out of Goods

Evolution from voluntary to regulated approaches in reducing the undesirable impacts of global trade

Over the past seventy years the rapid expansion of international trade and the growth of international supply chains, with various stages of production processes located in different countries, has at the same time facilitated the growth of trade in “undesirable products” associated with “global public bads”: trade in goods which are produced illegally or unsustainably […]


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Nature’s Make or Break Potential for Climate Change

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Our natural resources are at great peril because of an economic system that does not value standing forests and their services. Forest Trends has developed strategic approaches to address this problem – but we can only succeed with your support.