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Together with partners around the world, Forest Trends pioneers innovative finance for conservation - promoting healthy forests, sustainable agriculture, clean water, robust climate action, protected biodiversity, and strong communities.

Our programs and initiatives publish timely research, bring together diverse actors, and apply these approaches to make a difference on the ground, often blazing trails for bold and far-reaching policies in the process.


Forest Trends works to protect critical ecosystems through a broad range of environmental finance, markets, supply chains, and other incentive mechanisms.


A Dispatch from the Mekong

We are back from the field this week after ten days traveling in the Mekong Basin with our team. Hundreds of millions of people live along the Mekong, and the rate of change in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos was stunning. The forces of development are ever-present in demands for raw materials and the construction of […]

Climate Forests Investments

A Financial Architecture for Global Carbon Sinks: A New Forestry Investment Strategy

This is part three of our series A Financial Architecture to Rebuild Carbon Sinks. One: Carbon Sinks are Our Best Climate Hedge. So Where’s the Money? Two: How to Rebuild Global Carbon Sinks Three: A New Forestry Investment Strategy for the Private Sector A portfolio of “natural climate solutions” could cost-effectively deliver one-third of emissions […]


Harnessing Private Investor ‘Willingness-to-Pay’ for Climate Change Mitigation

A Mechanism to Co-fund Public Commitments to Achieve the Goals of the Paris Agreement

By Rupert Edwards

Targeting Zero Deforestation

Company Progress on Commitments That Count, 2019

A Collaborative Analysis between Forest Trends and Ceres, Based on Supply Change Data It’s been nearly a decade since the Board of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), an industry association comprised of roughly 400 companies, passed a resolution to achieve Zero Net Deforestation in the “big four” commodity supply chains responsible for the bulk of […]

By Philip Rothrock and Laura Weatherer


¡Estamos contratando! Trabaja con nosotros en..

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Women Water Users of the Chancay-Lambayeque

For thirteen years, women of the Chancay-Lambayeque..

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Skoll - Hanging in the Balance

What does it take to change the world? In the..

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Forest Trends

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The Infrastructure Upgrade, Reimagined – Global Waters – Medium

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On #GivingTuesday, An Investment in Optimism

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Nature can be one-third of the solution to climate change - so why is it only one percent of the conversation?

We are so excited to have joined Nature4Climate..

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Natural Infrastructure for Water Security in Peru

Two out of three Peruvians live under water stress..

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Stewards of the Forest

Today is #IndigenousPeoplesDay. A year ago, Forest..

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Lake Piuray supplies nearly half of Cusco’s..

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