Delivering native plant seedlings, Roosevelt Indigenous Territory, Brazil. Credit: Ecoporé

Donate Gold to Support Forest Trends

Our Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative has partnered with the Ethical Gold Institute to drive transparency and sustainability in the gold industry.

Donate Gold to Support Forest Trends

Donors mail their unused gold, such as jewelry, to Ethical Gold, which processes the donation, retains a small processing fee, and sends 80% of the value in cash directly to our Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative (CTGI). CTGI works directly with local and indigenous communities in the Amazon, and across Latin America, to defend their rights, protect their territories, preserve their cultures, and develop sustainable livelihoods of their choosing. Learn more about their work here.

Illegal gold mining in the Amazon threatens local and indigenous peoples and the environment – trespassing on indigenous territory, violence against environmental defenders, pollution of water and soil, and destruction of the forest are just a few of the impacts of mining operations.

Donating unused gold property, such as jewelry, can help relieve pressure on indigenous communities on the front lines of such conflict because it is simple to repurpose and turn into other high-quality products. This means less demand for the extraction of new gold in places like the Amazon.

Your donation of gold jewelry will directly reduce the need for new gold mining, support indigenous communities to protect their lands, and help break a cycle that fuels deforestation and violence in Amazonia.