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Katoomba X: Valuing Environmental Services: Securing the Natural Capital of Present and Future Generations

São Paulo, Brazil

The time is ripe to invigorate discussions on ecosystems services in Tropical America. The Katoomba Network is designed to create an enabling environment for local actors to take critical steps towards the development and improvement of payments for ecosystem services-“PES” initiatives and policies, critical for restoring and improving ecosystems. The 10th gathering of this network, is being held in Brazil, a key actor in the international and regional discussion of evolving carbon markets and avoided deforestation. It is also a model country to develop and apply community based schemes for ecosystem services sales and drive relationships with the private sector.Come join a group of influential PES innovators and practitioners seeking to spur the growth of environmental markets throughout Tropical America. At this first regional meeting of the Tropical America Katoomba Group, we build on years of International Katoomba Group experiences and aim to create a platform for active and direct learning about PES, while stimulating efficient and equitable development of ecosystem service markets in the Amazon region and other ecosystems in Brazil. Through this conference, you will emerge with a greater understanding of ecosystem service markets and understand your role in the growing network of people seeking to advance ecosystem services around the world.

The public conference will introduce global experiences and advances on ecosystem services from leaders around the world. A panel in the afternoon with examples and speakers drawn from Brazilian federal and state PES initiatives will highlight lessons and opportunities in this growing field. A special Katoomba “Dialogue” will be held including community members, NGO practitioners, the finance community, and academics, to address the critical topic of carbon opportunities.


Conference Summary

Notes: Some of these presentations had to be heavily modified to reduce their file size for the web. More presentations will be posted as they become available.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Panel 1: Payments for Ecosystem Services- Global Outlook

Biodiversity Markets, Central American Experience
Carlos Manuel Rodriguez (5186KB)

Water Markets in Latin America
Marta Echavarria (113KB)

The Business Perspective on Ecosystem Services
Roger Ullman (330KB)

The Role of Policy Making in PES
Manuel Rodriguez Becerra (61KB)

Panel 2: PES Experiences and Opportunities in Brazil

Environmental Services Markets in Brazil
Carlos Young (111KB)

Transformation of Brazilian Beef and Soy industries: the Registry of Socioenvironmental Responsibility
Dan Nepstad (340KB)

Panel 3: Katoomba Dialogue: Deforestation, Development, and Environmental Services

Environmental Defense
Steve Schwartzman (20KB)

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Panel 1: Forests and the Agricultural Frontier- New Opportunities

Legal Reserves and the Market for Forest Services
Fernando Veiga (1527KB)

Trends in Agroindustry and the Forest Frontier
Paulo Rabello de Castro (760KB)

Environment for Investment in Forestry under the New Public Forest Management (Concessions) Law
Tasso Azevedo (167KB)

Forest Companies Engaging in Multiple Asset Management
RobertoWaack (250KB)

Panel 2: Communities and Markets

The Extractive Reserves and Indigenous Territories of the Brazilian Amazon provide Major Ecosystem Services
Mary Allegretti (233KB)

Challenges and Opportunities for Engaging Traditional Communities in Ecosystem Services Markets
Raul Telles de Vale (6203KB)

The Central American Experience with PES
Herman Rosa (1111KB)

Strengthening Communities in the Vale do Ribeira through Compensation for Environmental Services
Rubens Born (576KB)

Panel 3: Challenges and Future Perspectives for Carbon Markets

Moving Beyond Technical Hurdles in Regulated and Voluntary Carbon Markets: Status of the Markets
Paolo Mountinho (411KB)

Strategies and Political Openings within the Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry Market in Kyoto
Kevin Conrad (1036KB)

Ecosystem Service Payments in Amazonas State
Virgilio Viana (5164KB)

The Macrometrics of PES in Costa Rica
Franz Tattenbach (570KB)