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Capturing the Value of Ecosystem Services:

Tokyo, Japan.

A public meeting involving investors, multilateral agencies, governments, and NGOs, took place to discuss potential markets for enviromental services.


Invitation (English)

Invitation and Agenda (Japanese)

Conference Materials

Joint Implementation and the Clean Development Mechanism

Introduction to the Carbon Emmission Trading Market
Jack Cogen, President, NATSOURCE LLC (824KB)

Forests And Carbon — Koyoto Protocal and Japanese Measure
Noriyuki Kobayashi, Principal Researcher, Sumotomo Forestry, LTD (1760KB)

Perspectives from Capital Markets and Examples of our Involvement
Mike Watanabe, Managing Director, Head of Structured Finance for Asia, Zurich Capital Markets (1315KB)

Carbon Finance for Forestry and Agriculture
Ken Newcombe, Senior Manager Carbon Finance, World Bank (422KB)

Green Investment Opportunies in Asia: Water

Water Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region
Wouter L. Lincklaen Arriens, Lead Water Resource Specialist, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asain Development Bank (415KB)

How New York City Used an Ecosystem Services Strategy Carried Out Through an Urban-Rural Partnership to Preserve the Pristine Quality of Its Drinking Water and Save Billions of Dollars
Albert Appleton, Former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and Director of the New York City Water and Sewer System (39KB)

Green Investment Opportunities in Asia: Biodiversity

Partnership Between the Corporation and inter-regional Volunteers Toward Protecting the Forest
Tokyo Electric Power Company (2416KB)

Launch of the World Bank’s BioCarbon Fund

Environmental Investment Opportunities in Asia

Socially Responsible Investment
Tessa Tenant, Executive Director, The Assoaciation for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia (1321KB)

The Future of SRI in Japan (English)

The Future of SRI in Japan (Japanese)
Eiichiro Adachi, Senior Researcher, (63KB)

Case Study: SRI within a Japanese Financial Institution
Tadashi Hayami, Asahi Life Asset Management Co., Ltd. (32KB)