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Katoomba VI: Beyond Carbon: Emerging Markets for Ecosystem Services

Rüschlikon, Switzerland

The Katoomba VI workshop focused on frameworks for ecosystem service markets, including the roles of political institutions, bilateral and multilateral institutions as well as industry leadership through new initiatives such as the Equator Principles and the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative. Sector specific workshops explored the exposure of industries such as food and agriculture, mining, oil and gas, and power generation, forestry and pulp and paper and the financial sector to water, biodiversity and carbon risks.

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Proceedings & Agenda

Final Agenda and Schedule (685KB)

Conference goals

“Beyond carbon – emerging markets for ecosystem services” will promote the development of markets, trading and financial mechanisms that recognise the value of the environmental services of ecosystems.This conference, and associated workshops, will aim to expose participants to the thinking of leading practitioners and innovators in the field of environmental service finance. Specifically, the conference will:

  • Facilitate understanding about the latest concepts in developing markets for ecosystem services;
  • Present a range of compelling international case studies on markets involving ecosystem assets and the services they provide;
  • Identify potential partners and investments associated with emerging markets for carbon, water and biodiversity management;
  • Analyse the exposure of different industries to carbon, water and biodiversity risks;
  • Explore the risks to investors arising from the degradation of natural ecosystems;
  • Debate the future interplay of financial and environmental interests.



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