Communities Investments Dec 21, 2021

From Indigenous Territories to Markets

Marcio Halla
Communities Investments

Dos Territórios Indígenas aos Mercados

Marcio Halla
Climate Communities Forests Investments Nov 22, 2021

Four key takeaways from this year’s climate talks

The Forest Trends Team
Agriculture Biodiversity Climate Communities Forests Investments Nov 3, 2021

Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities Territorial Governance Facility

The Forest Trends Team
Climate Investments Oct 28, 2021

Carbon Markets at COP26: Here’s What to Watch for

Stephen Donofrio and Genevieve Bennett
Climate Communities Forests Aug 25, 2021

However You Look at It, Our Future is Forests

Genevieve Bennett, Beto Borges, Stephen Donofrio, Rupert Edwards, Michael Jenkins, Marcio Halla, Patrick Maguire and Chris Van Dam
Communities Aug 17, 2021

Using local knowledge and materials is the ultimate gift: A conversation with Paula Ellinger

Paula Ellinger da Fonseca, Beto Borges and Cheyenne Coxon