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Communities Sep 29, 2021

The Communities and Territorial Governance Team is growing

The Forest Trends Team
Climate Communities Forests Aug 25, 2021

However You Look at It, Our Future is Forests

Genevieve Bennett, Beto Borges, Stephen Donofrio, Rupert Edwards, Michael Jenkins, Marcio Halla, Patrick Maguire, Kim Myers and Chris Van Dam
Communities Aug 17, 2021

Using local knowledge and materials is the ultimate gift: A conversation with Paula Ellinger

Paula Ellinger da Fonseca, Beto Borges and Cheyenne Coxon
Communities Jun 30, 2021

PPA Announces Support for the Project “Our Forest, Our Home – Tupi Mosaic”

Parceiros Pela Amazônia (PPA)
Communities Forests Jun 25, 2021

“I saw the collision of two worlds.” Estêvão Ciavatta on the frontlines of forest conflict in the Amazon

Estêvão Ciavatta, Beto Borges and Cheyenne Coxon
Climate Communities Forests Investments Apr 20, 2021

In charting his action on climate, Biden should put forests first

Michael Jenkins
Agriculture Biodiversity Climate Communities Forests Investments Jan 5, 2021

Our Priorities for 2021

The Forest Trends Team