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Forest Trends and Ethical Gold Institute Partner to Support Amazonian Communities Impacted by Gold Mining

Forest Trends’ Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative is excited to announce a new partnership with the Ethical Gold Institute to drive transparency and sustainability in the gold industry. Illegal gold mining is a major threat to indigenous peoples and the forests they protect. Illegal gold mining in the Amazon causes widespread deforestation, biodiversity and habitat loss, and […]

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Radio France Internationale: Los bonos de carbono, acusados de ecoimpostura, en la mesa de negociaciones de la Cop28

Una entrevista con Beto Borges, director de la Iniciativa Comunidades y Gobernanza Territorial de Forest Trends. “Los fondos públicos y filantrópicos no son no es suficiente para garantizar los derechos de los pueblos locales y mantener sus bosques. Creemos nosotros que –los bonos de carbono- son un mecanismo importante porque puede traer fondos.”

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Coalition launched to develop new carbon market standard and platform for community-centered forest conservation that meets the needs of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Global South countries

New York – As government and corporate leaders gather for New York Climate Week, founding members of the Peoples Forests Partnership have launched the Equitable Earth Coalition. In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, local communities and Global South countries, the Coalition is committed to developing a new voluntary carbon market standard and platform to help end […]

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World Economic Forum: Brazil wants to replant the Amazon. Where’s it going to get enough trees?

An area twice the size of California has been clear cut or degraded in the Amazon forest, and restoring even a portion of this would represent one of the most ambitious ecological restoration projects in history. Forest Trends’ Founding President and CEO, Michael Jenkins, discusses how indigenous communities are central to this restoration effort.

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Forest Trends irá lançar recursos de treinamento em financiamento climático voltado a comunidades indígenas que estejam explorando os mercados de carbonos

Os recursos provenientes do financiamento climático estão sendo alocados, em grandes quantidades, em mecanismos responsáveis por remunerar proprietários e administradores de terras pelas reduções de emissões obtidas com a proteção e restauração de áreas que atuam como sumidouros de carbono florestais. Estes mecanismos, incluindo o REDD+ jurisdicional e o mercado voluntário de carbono, apresentam novas […]

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Forest Trends to launch climate finance training resources for indigenous communities navigating carbon markets

Climate finance is pouring into mechanisms that pay land managers for the emissions reductions achieved from protecting and restoring forest carbon sinks. These mechanisms, including jurisdictional REDD+ and the voluntary carbon market, present new opportunities for indigenous communities worldwide – who are widely recognized as the planet’s most effective protectors of forests – but also […]

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Peoples Forests Partnership Welcomed Four Leading Indigenous Organizations as New Members at COP-27

In Coming Weeks, Additional Indigenous Organizations and Companies Expected to Join the Coalition to Scale Direct Climate Finance to Communities  November 23, 2022 / On November 14, 2022 in the COP27 in Sharm El Sheik, the Peoples Forest Partnership celebrated its Second General Assembly and reviewed membership applications from several Indigenous and local community organizations […]

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Peoples Forests Partnership dio la bienvenida a cuatro organizaciones indígenas líderes como nuevos miembros en la COP-27

En las próximas semanas, se espera que organizaciones y empresas indígenas adicionales se unan a la coalición para escalar el financiamiento climático directo a las comunidades 23 de noviembre de 2022 / El 14 de noviembre de 2022 en la COP27 en Sharm El Sheik, Peoples Forest Partnership celebró su Segunda Asamblea General y revisó […]

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Exame: A ciência prova que a Amazônia está ameaçada, e a ciência vai salvar a floresta, diz Fundo JBS

Fundo JBS pela Amazônia anuncia a segunda rodada de projetos que receberão apoio financeiro. Foco está em iniciativas que usam a ciência e a tecnologia para melhorar a vida das comunidades.

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Peoples Forests Partnership establishes Interim Executive Committee to drive $20 billion in rights-based climate finance directly to Indigenous Peoples and local communities

Washington DC 22 June 2022 – Founding members of the Peoples Forests Partnership signed a Constitution Act in Washington DC on 14 June 2022, formally establishing the Partnership’s Interim Executive Committee and decision-making structure and guidelines. Announced on 7 November at the United Nations climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow, the Partnership is driving rights-based climate […]

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Peoples Forests Partnership establece un Comité Ejecutivo Interino para impulsar el financiamiento climático basado en derechos y garantizar financiamiento directo a los Pueblos Indígenas y Comunidades Locales

Washington DC 22 junio 2022 – Los miembros fundadores de Peoples Forests Partnership firmaron el Acta Constitutiva en Washington DC el 14 de junio de 2022, establecieron formalmente el Comité Ejecutivo Interino de la Asociación y su estructura para la toma de decisiones. Anunciada el 7 de noviembre en la Cumbre Climática de las Naciones […]

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Nature4Climate: We Know What Indigenous and Local Communities Can Do for Forests. Here’s What Climate Finance Can Do for Them.

World leaders in Glasgow are recognizing the contributions of Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC) in safeguarding forests and biodiversity and pledging at least $1.7 billion in additional funding for these communities. But climate finance systems are not set up to work for them, and no clear path exists for private investment in high-integrity community-based […]

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Mongbay: New global partnership aims to remove barriers to Indigenous climate finance

At COP26, a new international coalition of organizations and investors, the Peoples Forest Partnership, announced plans to mobilize US $20 billion per year by 2030 directly to Indigenous forest conservation projects

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New Global Partnership Opens Door for Indigenous People, Traditional Owners and Local Communities to Directly Benefit from Private Climate Finance

An industry first coalition aims to fix a fundamental market flaw: Indigenous Peoples manage one-fifth of tropical and subtropical forest carbon, and conserve 80 percent of all biodiversity yet receive less than one percent of international climate assistance    Peoples Forests Partnership members seek to mobilize $20 billion per year by 2030 in direct private investment […]

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Por que a Bioeconomia Amazônica é um Caminho para o Brasil

Os sistemas tradicionais na Amazônia baseiam-se na diversidade, não na monocultura. Beneficiam-se da fartura de alimentos oriundos do manejo da floresta, mantendo a paisagem intacta. A Bioeconomia da Amazônia que propomos mimetiza os sistemas tradicionais de manejo com potencial de criar cadeias de fornecimento diversas baseadas na riqueza natural da região.  

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DEC 10: Expert Panel to Discuss “Free Riding” and the Exclusion of Amazon Indigenous Territories from REDD+ Climate Funding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Leaders from indigenous organizations, conservation NGOs, and academic will host a virtual roundtable exploring the issue of how many Amazonian indigenous territories are de facto excluded from climate finance mechanisms like REDD+, with serious implications for both climate justice and achieving Paris goals. The 75-minute event will take place online on Thursday, […]

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Forest Trends’ Partner Xingu Seed Network Wins Prestigious Ashden Award for Natural Climate Solutions

Rede de Sementes do Xingu (Xingu Seed Network) was awarded today with an Ashden Award for Natural Climate Solutions during a virtual ceremony. The Ashden Awards recognize each year organizations demonstrating innovation and excellence in the field of climate solutions. The Xingu Seed Network was selected from among hundreds of applicants around the world, and […]

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AccessWire: On World Rainforest Day, Jaguar Health Reinforces Commitment to Amazon Rainforest and Sustainable Harvesting Programs for Plant-based Pharmaceuticals

Jaguar Health, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:JAGX) chief of sustainability and ethnobotanist Steven King, Ph.D. was featured on Forest Trends’ Viewpoints, discussing the ancient and powerful medicinal knowledge of Indigenous peoples and local communities in the Amazon Rainforest, the importance of understanding, respecting and conserving this vast body of wisdom along with the rainforests, and the pioneering fair-trade […]

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Forest Trends and the Arbor Day Foundation Partner to Plant One Million Trees and Strengthen Sustainable Livelihoods in Indigenous Communities

The direct relationship between ecosystem health and our own has perhaps never been this salient. An exploitation-based relationship with nature contributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and increases our vulnerability to other novel diseases. We need to demonstrate new models for a new relationship with nature, where society invests in environmental health while at the same […]

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A Call to Action at COP25: Climate Finance Must Stop Excluding Indigenous Communities

December 10, 2019  | Madrid To stabilize the forest frontier, we need to invest directly in the communities living there. Indigenous and traditional communities control one-third of remaining tropical forests. In the Amazon, the largest tropical forest on the globe, they own 210 million hectares (or some 519 million acres). As a direct result of […]

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We End Forest Loss in the Amazon through Investment in the Indigenous Frontline

The Amazon is burning again, and has been for years – largely because of small farmers and land speculators clearing land to graze cattle or grow soybeans. As a result, the region is dangerously close to the point of no return. A relatively small increase in deforestation could cause the entire Amazon to “flip” to […]

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Phys.org: Territorial management and governance of the Columbian Amazon by indigenous people

In the Colombian Amazon, we find an indigenous organization that manages the protection of around two million hectares of rainforest. As we covered in a previous article, this organization, called Azicatch, worked in association with WWF-Colombia and Fundación Puerto Rastrojo in 2016 to identify its territory’s ecosystem services and the risks of losing them using […]

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Forest Trends and GoSol.solar Announce New Partnership Connecting Indigenous Communities with Solar Technologies

Forest Trends has announced a new partnership with GoSol.solar in the Brazilian Amazon to empower indigenous people with sustainable solar technology. GoSol.solar is an initiative of Solar Fire Concentration Ltd (SFCO), an impact-focused enterprise based in Tampere, Finland. GoSol.solar’s goal is to eradicate energy poverty, empower small and medium-sized enterprises with solar thermal, and minimize the […]

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Illegal Mining Forces Suspension of Groundbreaking Forest Carbon Project in Brazil

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Suruí Forest Carbon Project slowed deforestation, but couldn’t overcome destruction caused by illegal gold and diamond mining. The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) will tap its pooled buffer account for Agriculture, Forestry, and Other Land Uses (AFOLU) to ensure environmental integrity of offsets already sold. As the first indigenous-led conservation effort to be […]

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Devex: Help protect our land from Brazilian government, asks tribal leader

Chief Tashka Yawanawa, leader of the Yawanawa indigenous tribe of approximately 1,000 people who live in the rainforest in the state of Acre in western Brazil, said he fears the government will take away his community’s territory to make way for agribusiness.

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Devex: Help protect our land from Brazilian government, asks tribal leader

An indigenous leader has called on the international community to help protect his group’s ancestral home in the Amazon, as campaigners say indigenous land rights are under threat from the policies of the new Brazilian government.