COP25: Amazon Indigenous Climate Action

IFEMA - Feria de Madrid, Blue Zone, Room 5

When: Thursday, December 12, 2019, 1:15 – 2:45 pm Where: Blue Zone, Room 5 Join Forest Trends and Amazonian indigenous leaders, academics, specialized media, Peruvian government representatives, donor countries, environmentalists and UN and multilateral agencies to discuss Indigenous climate action in the Amazon. Invisible Contribution, Unilateral Compensation: The climate programs (NDC, ER-PD, ERPA) have neither […]


COP25: Excluding Indigenous Lands with Minimal Deforestation in REDD+: A Free-Rider Problem?

IFEMA, Indigenous Peoples Pavilion (Green Zone)

Please join us for two events on Thursday, December 12th at COP25. Forest Trends’ Communities and Territorial Governance Initiative is launching a research paper that questions the logic behind climate finance mechanisms for not including indigenous lands with minimal or zero deforestation. This paper also argues that indigenous forest lands also capture carbon in addition […]


COP25: Territorial Governance and Recognizing Indigenous Contributions to Climate Mitigation

IFEMA, Indigenous Peoples Pavilion (Green Zone)

Speakers: Héctor Manchi, APRI Wrayz Pérez, GTANW Segundo Tuanama, CODEPISAM Lizardo Cauper, AIDESEP Chris van Dam, Forest Trends When: Monday, December 9, 2019, 10:30-11:30 am CET Where: Indigenous Peoples Pavilion (in the Green Zone)


COP25: Forest Restoration: Climate Offense for Business

IFEMA - IETA Business Hub @ COP25

When: Mon, December 9, 2019, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CET Where: IETA Business Hub, COP25, IFEMA – Feria de Madrid Additional event details are available here. Historic and recent evidence is clear that the time to plant trees at-scale is now. Trees are an agreed-upon, low-cost, effective, and scalable approach to mitigating the impacts […]


COP25: Launch of the State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2019 at the ICROA COP25 Workshop

IFEMA - IETA Business Hub @ COP25

When: Thursday 5th December 2019, 12pm to 1:30pm Where: IETA Business Hub, COP25, IFEMA – Feria de Madrid Contact: Antoine Diemert, ICROA Programme Director To register, click here. ICROA has embarked on a series of workshops involving market stakeholders, civil society and national governments. The aim of these events is to set out the issues, […]

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Forest Trends’ 20th Anniversary Celebration

Anderson House - The Society of the Cincinnati, 2118 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

For two decades, Forest Trends has pioneered the idea that creating economic value in our forests and natural ecosystems is one of the most powerful strategies for protecting them. That idea has taken us to incredible places. We incubated a fledgling movement promoting “natural infrastructure” for water and climate security in Peru that is now national policy. We’ve helped […]


Environmental Markets and Finance Summit

Mandarin Oriental, 1330 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, D.C.

Join AEMI and Forest Trends for a high-level gathering of public, private, and philanthropic communities in forestry, carbon, ecological restoration, water resources management, and corporate sustainability. Connect and network with leaders from corporations, local, state and federal agencies, regulators, consultants, providers, and users of offsets, policymakers, nonprofits and universities. This working summit will advance natural infrastructure and tools that […]


Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange, Singapore


Forest Trends has been working with officials from EU Member States and US Lacey enforcement agencies over the last few years to further understanding of complex high-risk supply chains for wood products and support coordinated implementation of the EU Timber Regulation and US Lacey Act. This process, known as the Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange (TREE), […]


Tools for Designing and Implementing Green Infrastructure for the Latin American Water Sector; an update on Course Edition V.

Global, Training Course

Forest Trends, the Latin American Association of Water Regulators (ADERASA), and EcoDecision are pleased to announce a training series on the practical application of green infrastructure for water utilities and regulators in Latin America. Water professionals and their allies working on green infrastructure projects and policies in Latin America are cordially invited to register for […]


World Water Week 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

This year, from August 25-30, World Water Week brings water security and stability to the forefront of the global stage. This year, Forest Trends joins a discussion panel, Towards a Working Market for Green Infrastructure, August 29. Representing Forest Trends, Boris Ochoa-Tocachi from Imperial College London will be in Stockholm this week. This session will highlight developments […]