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China’s Impact on Papua New Guinea’s Forestry Industry

By Yati Bun, Timothy King, Phil Shearman - Foundation for People and Community Development, Forest Information Services , University of Papua New Guinea Remote Sensing Centre, Forest Trends, CIFOR, DFID

The harvesting and export of timber forms an important part of the Papua New Guinea national economy, and China is one of its most significant trading partners. China is the principal market for round logs from Papua New Guinea; it imported over one million cubic meters of logs from PNG in 2002. China’s imports of […]

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Climate Communities Forests

Forest Carbon and Local Livelihoods

Assessments of Opportunities and Policy Recommendations

By Joyotee Smith, and Sara Scherr - CIFOR, Forest Trends, DIFD, GTZ, The Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, Future Harvest, CGIAR

This paper brings together insights from emerging forestry and conservation paradigms and investigates their relevance for the debate on the social impact of CDM forestry.

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Forests Investments

Opportunities and Constraints to Investment

Natural Tropical Forest Industries

By Kerstin Canby , Cary Raditz - Forest Trends, Forest Trends, ITTO

The global forest products industry represents close to 3% of the world’s gross economic output, and the forests upon which it depends are particularly important ecosystems for the health of the planet and for human well-being. The size of the industry, its links to the rest-of-the-world economy, and the centrality of its resource base to […]

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Climate Forests

Risk Mitigation in Forestry

Linkages with Kyoto and Sustainable Forestry Management

By Charles Eyre, Justin Mundy, ARM - Forest Trends

This paper aims to illustrate some of the new influences which are affecting the forestry sector globally; it also highlights some of the opportunities and constraints which are becoming apparent. The report focuses on the role of forestry within the climate change debate. This has been done for two reasons; first, because the sector plays […]

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Forest Company-Community Agreements in Brazil

Current Status and Opportunities for Action

Agreements between the private forest sector and local forest communities have been increasingly recognized as a potential solution to some problems related to poverty alleviation, increasing demand for wood products and the need to increase the global forest area under sustainable forest management. Very little is known about the Brazilian experience on these types of […]

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Meeting China’s Demand for Forest Products

An Overview of Import Trends, Ports of Entry, and Supplying Countries, with Emphasis on the Asia-Pacific Region

By Xiufang Sun, Eugenia Katsigiris, and Andy White - Forest Trends, Forest Trends, Forest Trends, Chinese Center for Agricultural Policy, Center for International Forestry Research

This paper provides a brief overview of forest product import trends in both product segment and port of entry, as well as for each of the main Asia-Pacific producer countries supplying China. The paper first describes the overall import trends and then trends by product segment. It next addresses trends in the various ports of […]

Dependent Documents

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Meeting China’s Demand for Forest Products (Short Version)

An Overview of Asia-Pacific supplying countries, impacts and implications

By Xiufang Sun, Eugenia Katsigris, Andy White - Forest Trends, Forest Trends, Forest Trends
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Agriculture Communities

A Place in the World

Tenure Security and Community Livelihoods

By Lynn Ellsworth - Forest Trends

This paper provides a literature overview and analysis, paying special attention to arguments about what tenure security is and how it is related to the goal of helping communities build assets and improve their livelihoods, especially communities living in and around natural forests.

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Logging, Legality and Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea

Sythesis of Official Assessments of the Large-Scale Logging Industry Volume I

By Forest Trends

Between 2000 and 2005, in response to a widely held view that forest management in Papua New Guinea was not providing long-term benefits to the country or its citizens, and to assess the implementation and effectiveness of the new governance regime introduced in the PNG Forestry Act of 1991, the Papua New Guinea government commissioned […]

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Communities Forests

Capital Markets and Sustainable Forestry

Opportunities for Investment

By Constance Best , Michael Jenkins - The Pacific Forest Trust, Forest Trends

In this report, we frame the differences in the business models of conventional forestry and sustainable forestry. We cover the sustainable forestry sector “from the forest to the floor”, along its value chain of business enterprises. We consider the varying situation in tropical, temperate and, to some degree, boreal forests. We endeavor to give a […]

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Climate Forests Investments

State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2008

Forging A Frontier

By Katherine Hamilton, Milo Sjardin, Thomas Marcello, Gordon Xu

The volume of voluntary emission offsets traded on the “over the counter” market (e.g., outside of the formalized Chicago Climate Exchange, or CCX) nearly tripled in 2007, and Ecosystem Marketplace has once again teamed up with New Carbon Finance to crunch and analyze this fascinating market. The full report is now available for download. Titled “Forging […]