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Forest Trends Impact Report 2023

The Magic of Coalitions

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Climate change, forest loss, the biodiversity crisis, the sustainable development imperative: none of these can be fixed through business as usual. None of these challenges will be addressed by individuals, individual institutions, nor individual countries. It will take all of us together.

This is why we spend so much time investing in people and in relationships. The magic of coalitions lies in what each of us brings with us. We need to invest in a rich set of relationships, including with leaders who haven’t historically been given a seat at the table.

Forest Trends is, by design, a small organization. This forces us to work with partners and through coalitions. It means we can’t afford to be sharp-elbowed or close-minded. We’re designed that way because we believe that is how we are going to achieve real, sustained results. This Impact Report includes updates on a few of our evolving initiatives built on this model. Coalition-building can be hard, but it works, and it is what we will continue to focus on in the years ahead.

Reflecting on what lies ahead in 2024 and in this most critical decade for climate, I think it’s also important to keep reminding ourselves where we are on the path. It is up to us to shape these innovative approaches and deliver real results for people and the planet. At Forest Trends, we take that responsibility seriously.


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