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Using science to assign value to nature

By Susan Ruffo, Peter M Kareiva
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Modeling multiple ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, commodity production, and tradeoffs at landscape scales

By Erik Nelson, Guillermo Mendoza, James Regetz, Stephen Polasky, Heather Tallis, D Richard Cameron, Kai MA Chan, Gretchen C Daily, Joshua Goldstein, Peter M Kareiva, Eric Lonsdorf, Robin Naidoo, Taylor H Ricketts, M Rebecca Shaw
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Integrating conservation and development in the field: implementing ecosystem service projects

By Heather Tallis, Rebecca Goldman, Melissa Uhl, Berry Brosi
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Ecosystem services in decision making: time to deliver

By Gretchen C. Daily, Stephen Polasky, Joshua Goldstein, Peter M Kareiva, Harold A Mooney, Liba Pejchar, Taylor H Ricketts, James Salzman, Robert Shallenberger
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Non-linearity in ecosystem services: temporal and spatial variability in coastal protection

By Evamaria W Koch, Edward B Barbier, Brian R Silliman, Denise J Reed, Gerardo ME Perillo, Sally D Hacker, Elise F Granek, Jurgenne H Primavera, Nyawira Muthiga, Stephen Polasky, Benjamin S Halpern, Christopher J Kennedy, Carrie V Kappel, Eric Wolanski
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Paying for environmental services from agricultural lands: an example from the northern Everglades

By Patrick J Bohlen, Sarah Lynch, Leonard Shabman, Mark Clark, Sanjay Shukla, Hilary Swain