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Climate Investments

Raising Ambition: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2016

By Kelley Hamrick, Allie Goldstein - Ecosystem Marketplace, Ecosystem Marketplace
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Voluntary buyers around the world paid to offset the equivalent of 84.1 million (M) tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2015, a 10% increase from 2014, led by private-sector companies taking proactive steps to reduce emissions ahead of regulation, according to a new report from Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace (EM).

The EM report, ­­­Raising Ambition: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2016, shows that while the world’s nations prepared for the historic Paris Agreement on climate change last year, individuals, corporations, and state and national governments used voluntary carbon markets to ramp up their own climate action.

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Figure: Historical Market-Wide Voluntary Offset Transaction Volumes


Presentation Slides: Kelley Hamrick of Ecosystem Marketplace

Presentation Slides: Sean Penrith of The Carbon Trust

Presentation Slides: Marc Baker of Carbon Tanzania


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Raising Ambition Powerpoint – Sean Penrith

By Sean Penrith - The Climate Trust
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Raising Ambition Powerpoint (Baker)

By Marc Baker - Carbon Tanzania
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Raising Ambition presentation-Kelley Hamrick

By Kelley Hamrick - Forest Trends

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