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Webinar: Corporate Progress on Zero-deforestation and Nature-positive Commitments

Virtual Webinar

October 3rd, 2022

10:00am – 11:00am EST

In the coming years, both companies and investors will have a pivotal role in driving transformational change in commodity supply chains, eliminating commodity-driven deforestation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting human rights. Though companies are setting commitments to address commodity-driven deforestation, greater coverage of all forest-risk commodities and their full supply chains, more transparent and consistent reporting, and increased action on commodity-driven deforestation in the context of climate change are needed across all stages of the value chain to deliver meaningful positive impacts on forests and other natural ecosystems.

This webinar features presentations by Supply Change staff and our colleagues at Ceres, discussing current and emerging trends in corporate commitments and policies to address deforestation, the implications these trends have for investors, and opportunities for companies and investors to improve the effectiveness of their strategies to achieve no-deforestation and nature-positive supply chains. It also features results from our latest report, “Corporate Implementation, Impacts, and Reporting on No-Deforestation & ‘Nature Positive’ Post 2020.”


Kate Ellis, Senior Associate, Supply Change

Laura Weatherer, Senior Associate, Supply Change

Julie Nash, Senior Program Director, Food and Forests, Ceres

Debora Dias, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Consumer Goods Forum (CGF)


Kate Ellis, Senior Associate, Supply Change