Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange, Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Since 2012, Forest Trends and Chatham House have been working with officials from EU Member States and US Lacey enforcement agencies, to further understanding of complex high-risk supply chains for wood products and support coordinated implementation of the EU Timber Regulation and US Lacey Act. These two workstreams have merged into a process called the Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange (TREE), an ongoing series of networking and information-sharing meetings, which bring the growing group of officials together every six months.

The TREE process aims to support robust and consistent enforcement of demand-side timber regulations by providing a forum for officials to gain detailed insight into high- and low-risk timber flows entering their countries, discuss practical enforcement issues with each other and relevant experts from the forest sector and other relevant product/environmental sectors, establish emergent norms for Due Diligence/care in relation to different forest products, and build relationships with producer country governments, industry representatives, and other stakeholders involved in combating illegal logging and promoting global markets for legal timber.


Monday, October 23

EUTR Enforcement in Spain: Present and future
José Brotons, DG Rural Development and Forest Policy, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment, Spain<

EUTR Application in Valencia Region
Eduardo María Perez-Laorga Arias, Forest Management Service, Directorate-General for Environmental Management, Spain

Presentation from the Spanish Timber Trade Federation
Alberto Romero, Asociacíon Española del Comercio e Industria de la Madera (AIEM), Spain

VPA Information for Due Diligence and Enforcement
Iola Leal, European Forest Institute (EFI) FLEGT Facility

Tuesday, October 24

The Open Timber Portal: Tackling the Information Gap on Forest Producers
Marie Vallee, World Resources Institute

New Furniture Processing Hubs: India’s Furniture Sector Trade Data
Marigold Norman, Forest Trends

VRIKSH-Indian Timber Legality Assessment and Verification Scheme
Rajesh Rawat, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH)

Trees to Trade Reference System
Shelley Gardner, US Forest Service

Wednesday, October 25

Complex Supply Chains: Sourcing through Multiple Countries
Marigold Norman, Forest Trends

Navigating EU Teak Markets: Trader Records and Indirect Trade Routes in EUTR Enforcement
Jago Wadley, EIA

Nordic Baltic Cooperation and Customs Data
Shingo Masuda, Finnish Agency for Rural Affairs