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Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange, Rome

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy

Since 2012, Forest Trends and Chatham House have been working with officials from EU Member States and US Lacey enforcement agencies, to further understanding of complex high-risk supply chains for wood products and support coordinated implementation of the EU Timber Regulation and US Lacey Act. These two workstreams have merged into a process called the Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange (TREE), an ongoing series of networking and information-sharing meetings, which bring the growing group of officials together every six months.


The TREE process aims to support robust and consistent enforcement of demand-side timber regulations by providing a forum for officials to gain detailed insight into high- and low-risk timber flows entering their countries, discuss practical enforcement issues with each other and relevant experts from the forest sector and other relevant product/environmental sectors, establish emergent norms for Due Diligence/care in relation to different forest products, and build relationships with producer country governments, industry representatives, and other stakeholders involved in combating illegal logging and promoting global markets for legal timber.


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Thursday, April 6th

Global Traceability Software Solution: RADIX

Caroline Stein, Global Traceability


Application of Latest Remote Sensing Technology for EUTR Law Enforcement

Mohammad Abdel-Razek and Peter Hawighorst, Global Risk Assessment Services (GRAS)


Improving and Valuating Timber Traceability Systems Using Mobile Technologies

J. Soh Ndeh, FAO consultant


Sourcing from Ivory Coast: Timber Trade Trends

Marigold Norman, Forest Trends

Beyond Legal Harvest: Considering the Workers

Sarah Hickman and Katie Kenrick, TFT


Permitting without Due Process

Emily Unwin, ClientEarth


Independent Forest Monitoring (IFM) in the Republic of Congo

Alfred Nkodia


Friday, April 7th