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Lacey & EU Timber Regulation Enforcement Workshop: Substantiated Concerns, Producer Country Cooperation, and Cameroon Supply Chains

Rome, Italy

This three-day event brought together enforcement officials involved with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and US Lacey Act as part of an ongoing series of workshops encouraging collaboration and effective implementation of forest product legal trade legislation.


Days 1 & 2

The workshop on October 28-29th was co-organized by Chatham House and Forest Trends and focused on standards for NGOs wishing to submit “substantiated concerns” in the Lacey/EUTR context, and best practices in cooperation with enforcement agents in forest producer countries.


Day 3

The October 30th meeting was organized by Forest Trends and focused on Cameroon origin wood products. Experts were invited to present on Cameroonian timber supply chains that enter the EU and US directly and indirectly, the domestic legal context and appropriate documentation of legal compliance, risk analysis, and credible risk mitigation in the national context.


Resources –  Days 1 & 2 (October 28-29)

Session 2 – Substantiated Concerns and Lacey Evidence Gathering

Substantiated Concerns: Elements for a Common Understanding

Emily Unwin, ClientEarth

Enforcement of the EU Timber Regulation: Evidence Gathering and Assessing Compliance with National Laws

Alexandra Pardal, Global Witness

Evidence Gathering and Source Protection

Louise Truslove, Environmental Investigation Agency

Substantiated Concerns: How Can Competent Authorities Use Them?

Thorsten Hinrichs, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany

Session 4 – Enforcement Cooperation: Best Practice and Options

FLEGT Licensing & Institutional Arrangements for Enforcement Cooperation

Henry G. Coleman, Timber Industry Development Department (TIDD), Ghana

Session 5 – Independent Monitoring: Cooperation Options and Data Sources

Tools for the Implementation of Forest Governance (TIFG)

Stuart Wilson, Resource Extraction Monitoring

Session 6 – Brazil: Para State Case Study

The False Legality Challenge

Roberto S. Waack, AMATA Brazil

Resources – Day 3 (October 30)

Timber Production, Trade, and Flows in Cameroon: Where to Look For?

Paolo Cerutti, CIFOR

Timber Legality Demand Side Measures and Cameroon Origin Timber Products

Martin Mbongo, FLEGT Focal Point, Cameroon

National Forest Legislation and Illegality Risks

Horline Njike, Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG), Cameroon

Mitigating Risk Importing Tropical Wood

Ralph Ridder, Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT)