How can I help as a citizen?

Through my own actions

  • There is an environmental cost to every individual’s use of transport and consumption of energy, food, and other products. Every person can contribute to Biodiversity Net Gain by making responsible decisions as voters and consumers.
  • Many non-governmental organisations (for example, WWF, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace) offer information on how to be a good consumer and minimise your footprint on the environment, including biodiversity.
  • Individuals can become involved in their communities, working for sustainable development. They can advocate especially for Biodiversity Net Gain in local government policy and in the development consent process for individual projects.
  • Individuals can volunteer or work for conservation and research organisations and get involved in Biodiversity Net Gain that way.
  • Learn about the issues and sign the Call to Action!

With accountability

  • People can hold governments, companies and financial institutions to account for keeping their commitments (e.g. meeting policy and corporate targets) and maintaining high standards. See how.