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This Call to Action urges action by the international community, governments, companies and civil society to step up efforts to reduce biodiversity loss and improve the standard of mitigation measures, including biodiversity offsets.  It sets out the vision of appropriate development in the right place planned to achieve a net gain in biodiversity, and undertaken with integrity to a high standard.  It sets out specific actions for governments, companies, financial institutions, multilateral banks and other donors, conservation organisations and academia, and members of civil society.

Help us use this Call to Action to raise the importance and urgency of these actions!  Please:

  • Sign the Call to Action now.  This an informal process with individuals signing (name, affiliation), rather than formal approval through organisations’ decision-making processes.
  • Act:  Let us know of anything you can do to take one or more of the recommended actions.
  • Disseminate the Call to Action through your channels as widely as you can for signature, but please don’t speak to the press about it yet and without coordinating with the BBOP Secretariat.

Here is a recent list of Call to Action Signatories.

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