People working for conservation NGOs (‘non governmental organisations’), and members of universities, research institutes, botanical gardens, herbaria, zoos and aquaria, have skills and expertise vital for working towards Biodiversity Net Gain, No Net Loss or related goals.  Their knowledge of biodiversity can help set appropriate scientific targets for conservation and establish the baselines, exchange rules and metrics needed to define government and corporate policies on Biodiversity Net Gain and similar goals. They can advise and enter into partnerships with government agencies and companies to help them develop and apply best practice.  They can undertake fieldwork and deliver conservation outcomes on land and in the sea that contribute towards Biodiversity Net Gain. They can undertake monitoring to see whether commitments to Biodiversity Net Gain are being met, and they can help hold governments, companies and banks accountable for their commitments.

This page helps conservation and research organisations think through specific issues related to best practice in mitigating the impacts of development on biodiversity and consider a number of different potential roles.