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Zooming In: Companies, Commodities, & Traceability Commitments that Count, 2018

By Stephen Donofrio - Senior Advisor, Supply Change, Philip Rothrock - Associate, Supply Change, Jonathan Leonard - Associate, Supply Change
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“Zooming In” presents new analysis by Forest Trends’ Supply Change Initiative and Ceres about how companies that are committed to addressing commodity-driven deforestation are tracing supplies to their origin—be it factory, farm, field, or forest—so they can determine the impact their supply chains have on forests.

  • Companies with exposure to deforestation in their supply chains may face material financial risks such as supply disruption, cost volatility, and reputational damage as a result of this exposure.
  • Investors recognize that the profitability of many consumer goods companies depends on secure access to a supply chain that is free from deforestation.
  • To manage these risks, an increasing number of companies have developed policies to address commodity-driven deforestation and to trace their supply chains.





Launch Webinar: February 28, 2018

Supply Change, Ceres, Green Century Capital Management, and CDP discussed this new research and its implications for businesses, investors, civil society, and other stakeholders.


• Stephen Donofrio, Senior Advisor, Supply Change Initiative, Forest Trends
• Julie Nash, Food and Capital Markets, Ceres
• Marissa LaFave, Shareholder Advocate, Green Century Capital Management
• Jillian Gladstone, Senior Manager, Forests, CDP






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