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Towards Timber Import Provisions In Thailand

By Marigold Norman & Jade Saunders
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As Thailand positions itself an export-focused manufacturer, maintaining access to markets will increasingly require efforts to verify that all timber in its products (both imported and domestically produced) is legal. Regulations to tackle the trade in illegal wood have now been operational across the European Union (through the EU Timber Regulation or EUTR), in the US (through the US Lacey Act) and in Australia (through the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act or ILPA) for several years, with implementation and enforcement modalities well established.

This information brief, therefore, discusses Thailand’s main risks associated with exports and imports of timber, pulp and paper products, and considers the likely impact of the increasing number of global demand-side timber regulations/timber legality assurance systems on Thailand’s processing industry. The brief then analyses the key legislative parameters required for Thailand to develop an effective import control system, drawing from lessons in designing and implementing existing efforts to regulate imports of illegally logged timber.