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Climate Forests Investments

TANZANIA Mapping REDD+ Finance Flows 2009-2012

By Erneus Kaijage, Zainab Kuhanwa
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Forest Trends REDDX initiative works with in-country civil society partners and national governments to track REDD+ finance and present a national REDD+ financing picture. This report details findings, national context, and analysis for Tanzania:
Tanzania hosts over 33 million hectares of forests with diverse landscapes and rich biodiversity. These forests are under threat from subsistence agriculture, increasing energy needs, timber extraction and overgrazing, among others. Tanzania has committed to addressing these increasing pressures and published a National REDD+ Strategy and Action Plan in March 2013. REDDX in-country partner, Erneus Kaijage in collaboration with the Vice President’s Office of Tanzania examine the US$93.5 million in REDD+ commitments recorded between 2009 and 2012. This report also highlights emerging challenges in implementing REDD+ long term in countries like Tanzania who have not seen any new financial commitments for REDD+ since 2010.