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Tackling (illegal) deforestation in cocoa supply chains: What impact can demand-side regulations have?

By Marigold Norman and Jade Saunders
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Rising demand for commodities such as soy, beef, palm oil, cocoa, coffee, and rubber is driving tropical deforestation globally, half of which is estimated to be illegal. Governments in the UK, EU, and the USA are now aiming to develop regulatory approaches to ensure imported agricultural commodities are not being sourced from deforested lands, or at least lands that were not illegally deforested.

What impact can such regulations really have?

Forest Trends presents ten things to know about cocoa supply chains, associated deforestation and the international trade in cocoa products. The report will help readers to better understand the potential impact of the proposed legislation, and how they can be most effectively designed to support producer countries in enforcing their own laws and regulations, reduce their carbon emissions from forest loss, and meet their national and international climate commitments.