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Social and Biodiversity Impact Assessment (SBIA) Manual for REDD+ Projects

Biodiversity Impact Assessment Toolbox

By Nigel Pitman
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The aim of this toolbox is to provide guidance
on each of the biodiversity-related criteria required for certification under the CCB Standards. It is worth emphasizing that the goal here is not to establish additional standards or requirements that must be fulfilled for certification under the CCB Standards. None of the advice provided in this toolbox is mandatory, and none of the resources recommended here are obligatory. Instead, they are intended as broad guidance to help managers design a project that satisfies the
biodiversity requirements of the CCB Standards.
Biodiversity impact assessment requires expert inputs in the design and other aspects of monitoring, and local participation in identifying the biodiversity objectives of a project and understanding likely biodiversity effects of
interventions is usually essential. Biodiversity impacts often result in livelihood impacts as well, and for these reasons social and biodiversity Impact Assessment are best
done in an integrated way.