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Policy Brief: Research and Financial Innovations in Support of Brazil’s INDC Process

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With less than five months to go before the UN climate summit in Paris, a 90% reduction in deforestation nation-wide is within reach for Brazil. Combined with the country’s recent pledge to reforest 12M hectares of land, this reduction would allow the world’s most forest-rich tropical nation to achieve zero net deforestation and zero net forest carbon emissions. These pledges would represent a 40% reduction in nation-wide emissions, and could be achieved while expanding the production of
food, fiber and biofuel. They could also help grow Brazil’s economy by opening markets, attracting investment, and delivering technical assistance to the nation’s small-scale farmers. Brazil’s important advances in governing vast forest frontiers through command-and-control measures create the enabling conditions for a bold, national agenda of positive incentives for sustainable, inclusive rural development. National green forest bonds could help finance this INDC agenda, delivered to farmers and local governments through a territorial performance bonus fund.


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