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Climate Forests Investments

State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007

Picking Up Steam

By Katherine Hamilton, Ricardo Bayon, Guy Turner, Douglas Higgins

On July 17th, 2007, Ecosystem Marketplace and New Carbon Finance issued one of the first ever in-depth reports on the voluntary carbon market. State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2007: Picking Up Steam is a comprehensive quantitative assessment of the voluntary carbon market with information on prices and volumes traded, as well as an analysis of […]

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Market Options and Barriers for Timber and Sawnwood from Michoacán, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Campeche and Quinatana Roo, Mexico

This study is one of several country-level market assessments that analyze the scope of opportunities for community forest enterprises to participate effectively in forest sector markets. As part of its global analytical program, Forest Trends and its international partners have identified a new forest agenda which seeks to make markets work for low-income producers and […]

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Forest Certification and Small Forest Enterprises

Key Trends and Impacts - Benefits and Barriers

By Rebecca Butterfield, Eric Hansen, Richard Fletcher, and Hanna Nikinmaa - Rainforest Alliance, Oregon State University, Oregon State University Extension, Savcor, Forest Trends

As certification of forest management practices enters its second decade, questions have been raised regarding the impacts of forest certification and its future trajectory. While many of the concerns that led to the development of forest certification initially were focused on environmental issues, subsequent issues have emerged related to the social and economic impacts of […]

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Impactos de las zanjas de infiltración en el agua y los suelos: ¿Qué sabemos?

By Bruno Locatelli, Jan-Markus Homberger, Boris F. Ochoa-Tocachi, Vivien Bonnesoeur, Francisco Román, Fabián Drenkhan, Wouter Buytaert

Las intervenciones de manejo de la infraestructura natural para la seguridad hídrica gozan de un interés creciente a nivel nacional e internacional para enfrentar problemas relacionados al agua o al cambio climático. En muchas partes del mundo, se han implementado tecnologías de conservación de agua y suelos, como andenes, cercos vivos, control de cárcavas, zanjas[…]