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National Wetlands Mitigation Action Plan

By Government of the United States
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The Bush Administration affirms its commitment to the goal of no net loss of the Nation’s wetlands. The Administration is hopeful of achieving that goal and in the near future to begin increasing the overall functions and values of our wetlands through the combined efforts of the numerous governmental programs and initiatives, including the Clean Water Act, and non-regulatory wetland conservation initiatives and partnerships among federal agencies, state, tribal and local governments, and the private and not-for-profit sectors. The primary purpose of this Action Plan is to further achievement of the goal of no net loss by undertaking a series of actions to improve the ecological performance and results of wetlands compensatory mitigation under the Clean Water Act and related programs. The actions, listed below and outlined in more detail in the attached Action Plan, will help ensure effective restoration and protection of the functions and values of our Nation’s wetlands, consistent with the goals of our clean water laws.