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Logging, Legality and Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea

Sythesis of Official Assessments of the Large-Scale Logging Industry Volume I

By Forest Trends
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Between 2000 and 2005, in response to a widely held view that forest management in Papua New
Guinea was not providing long-term benefits to the country or its citizens, and to assess the implementation and effectiveness of the new governance regime introduced in the PNG Forestry Act of 1991, the Papua New Guinea government commissioned five separate reviews of the administration and practice of the logging industry. This report, Volume I in a three volume series, summarizes the key findings of the five reviews to present a clear and precise picture of the legal status, environmental sustainability and social impacts of current large-scale logging operations in PNG. We follow this synthesis of the existing studies with our own recommendations for steps that would move PNG toward legal and sustainable logging, provide satisfactory livelihood opportunities for forest dependent communities, and promote sustainable economic development for the nation as a whole.