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Journey Towards Water Security

Results to date - Natural Infraestructure for Water Security Project, September 2021

By Gena Gammie, Lucas Benítes Elorreaga, Fernando Momiy Hada
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This report presents the principal results to date of the Natural Infrastructure for Water Security Project (NIWS), which were achieved together with a large group of partners. We recognize and appreciate their collaboration and leadership towards a sustainable future.

These results have been achieved despite extraordinarily complex circumstances throughout the Project, during which we have seen five Peruvian presidents, successive cabinet changes, and several changes in our counterparts at the national, regional and local levels. We now find ourselves in one of the most unique moments in modern history, with unprecedented health, economic and social crises due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our achievements to date have been the result of teamwork, adaptive management, and above all a shared commitment with our partners mentioned above, to work together towards the gender equality and water security needed for Peru’s sustainable development.