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Investments in Watershed Services for Moyobamba on Subwatersheds of the Alto Mayo, Department of San Martín, Peru

Peru Investments in Watershed Services Series

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Recognizing the need to provide national leadership, capacity-building, and coordination to the many local and regional mechanisms facilitating investments in ecosystem services throughout Peru, the Ministry of Environment of Peru (MINAM) partnered with Forest Trends to establish the Peru Ecosystem Services Incubator in 2012. The Incubator aims to enhance investments in nature by society through providing technical, financial, and economic expertise; building capacity; and contributing to the development of national policy. To do this, the Incubator works with a range of non-governmental organizations, development agencies, national authorities, and local and regional governments throughout the country who have worked for years to advance investments in ecosystems. Guided by the national prioritization of improving integrated water management, investment mechanisms linked to watershed services are the first focus of the Incubator.
This project is the first Investments in Watershed Services (IWS) experience in Peru to secure funds from water users. It aims to ensure the conservation and restoration of two sub-watersheds within the much larger Alto Mayo watershed that feeds the city of Moyobamba´s drinking water system. Using multi-stakeholder participation the project has generated positive incentives for the protection and sustainable use of watershed services.