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Climate Investments

Ghana – Mapping REDD+ Finance Flows 2009-2014

By Kwame Agyei, Rebecca Ashley Asare - NCRC, NCRC
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REDDX was first launched in Ghana in early 2011 as an exploratory project, and since its first report in 2012 it has collected annual data and information on REDD+ financial flows spanning the past six years—2009 through 2014. The project, which is jointly implemented by the National REDD+ Secretariat (NRS) and NCRC,
has established a strong precedent of transparency about funding and collaboration amongst stakeholders engaged in REDD+ in Ghana. Through four national validation meetings with stakeholders in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, the project has also fostered important discussions about the extent of funding that has actually been received, areas of progress, funding gaps, needs in country, and the best way forward for REDD+ in Ghana.