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Climate Forests Investments

GHANA Mapping REDD+ Finance Flows 2009-2012

By Rebecca Ashley Asare, Martin Yelibora, Roselyn Adjei, Hilma Manan
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Ghana is home to approximately 4,940,000 hectares of bio-diverse, carbon-rich forest. However, Ghana’s forested lands are increasingly experiencing pressure from agriculture and mining sectors, fuel wood and charcoal production, and urban expansion. The Ghanaian national government entered the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility in 2009, with the hopes of minimizing deforestation while also promoting sustainable long-term development. The Nature Conservation Research Centre, a REDDX in-country partner, in collaboration with the Forestry Commission of Ghana, tracked REDD+ financing flowing into the country between 2009 and 2012. This report examines the US$105.6 million in REDD+ commitments recorded thus far.