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Forestry in China

Policy, Consumption, and Production in Forestry's Newest Superpower

By Jintao Xu, Andy White, Gary Bull, Sten Nilsson, eds. - Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Forest Trends, University of British Columbia, IIASA
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China’s forest market is one of the largest in the world in terms of production, consumption, and imports of wood products. Its large forest estate and massive population has meant that it has also for some time been a leading nation in terms of the number of processing plants, number of people employed in the forestry sector, the scope of its non-timber forest markets, and the overall level of contributions of forest enterprises and markets to local livelihoods. However, despite this importance the exact nature of China’s forest market has long been a mystery to the outside world, as well as to most Chinese. Until recently there has been limited interest, or capacity, to seek a more detailed picture but this has changed in the last few years with China’s booming forest imports and rapidly expanding domestic market.

Dependent Documents

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An Assessment of China’s Forest Resources

By Gary Bull , Sten Nilsson - University of British Columbia, IIASA, Forest Trends
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China’s Pulp and Paper Sector

An Analysis of Supply-Demand Trends and Medium-Term Projections

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China’s Development of a Plantation-based Wood Pulp Industry

Government Policies, Financial Incentives, and Investment Trends

By Chris Barr , Christian Cossalter - World Agroforestry Centre, CIFOR, Forest Trends
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China’s Forest Sector Markets

Policy Issues and Recommendations

By Sten Nilsson, Gary Bull, Andy White, Jintao Xu - IIASA, University of British Columbia, Forest Trends, CCAP
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Understanding the Chinese Forest Market and Its Global Implications

By Jintao Xu , A. White - Chinese Agricultural Policy, Forest Trends
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The China Forest Products Trade

Overview of Asia-Pacific Supplying Countries, Impacts and Implications

By Eugenia Katsigris, Gary Bull, Andy White, Chris Barr, Keith Barney, Yati Bun, Timothy King, Alexey Lankin, Anatoly Lebedev, Phil Shearman, Alexander Sheingauz, Fredrich Kahrl, Yufang Su, Horst Weyerhaeuser - Forest Trends, University of British Columbia, Forest Trends, Center for International Forestry Research, York University, Foundation for People and Community Development, Forest Information Systems, Far Eastern Ecoregional Project, Worldwide Fund for Nature, Bureau for Regional Oriental Campaigns, University of Papua New Guinea, Economic Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, World Agroforestry Centre, World Agroforestry Centre, World Agroforestry Centre
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China’s Collective Forestlands

Contributions and Constraints

By Guangping Miao , R. Anders West - FEDRC, Forest Trends