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Forest Conservation and Development: Challenges and Missions of China

By Wang Xuan - General Department of Policy and Legislation, SFA
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The human society is entering a new century, which was born with new technology and ecological
civilization. The adjustment of global economic structure is now in ascendance across the whole world. Nowadays, the world economy is turned from traditional industry era to intellectual economy era. Sustainable development has been put on the agenda of the society’s development. China, which is carrying 1/5 of the world population, it is facing unprecedented missions and challenges in order to ensure sustainable development. As such, China has to realize its twin goals: social development and environmental protection. Accordingly, the needs of an increasing population could be satisfied with more
output while the ecological services could be maintained on the same level or even lifted to a new level. Under such circumstances, it is highly urged for various forest sectors in China to be fully aware that Chinese forestry must go to a much broader field and should be managed on a higher level.