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Communities Forests

Forest Certification and Communities

Looking Forward to the Next Decade

By Augusta Molnar et al. - Forest Trends
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This review looks at the experience with communities and certification as the first in a series of systematic reviews of certification. The analysis includes an assessment of community experiences with certification to date, an evaluation of the range of direct and indirect impacts on communities in different geographic regions, and an examination of the strategic issues that certification will likely face in the future, suggesting refinements to increase the effectiveness of this instrument for communities.

Dependent Documents

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Annex 1: Forest Certification in Brazil

The Parallel Evolution of Community Forest Management in the Brazilian Amazon and FSC Certification

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Annex 2: Forest Certification in Guatemala

The Process of Forest Certification in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve in Petan, Guatemala

By Carlos Soza - Forest Trends
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Annex 3: Forest Certification in Mexico

Certification in Mexico: The Cases of Durango and Oaxaca

By Sergio Madrid, Francisco Chapela - CCMSS, ERA, Forest Trends