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Executive Summary: State of the Forest Carbon Markets 2009

Taking Root and Branching Out

By Kate Hamilton, Unna Chokkalingam, Maria Bendana - Ecosystem Marketplace, Ecosystem Marketplace, Ecosystem Marketplace
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>> Executive Summary

Ecosystem Marketplace tracked projects
generating credits over the past 20 years in
both the voluntary and compliance markets.
The voluntary category includes the Over the
Counter (OTC) and Chicago Climate Exchange
(CCX) markets. The compliance category
includes the New South Wales Greenhouse Gas
Reduction Scheme (NSW GGAS), as well as
the Kyoto Protocol-driven Clean Development
Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation
(JI), New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme
(NZ ETS) and Kyoto Assigned Amount Units
(AAUs). Because we are comparing transactions
across markets and standards, it is important to
note that assets transacted vary considerably.
For example, a temporary Certified Emissions
Reduction (tCER) under the CDM may be a
different asset than a Voluntary Carbon Unit
(VCU) under the Voluntary Carbon Standard.
However, these assets are generally referred to
as carbon dioxide tonnes (tCO2).