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Compliance Audit of Part of the Project Allocation Process for the Rottock Bay Consolidated Forestry Project

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This audit examines whether the project allocation process for the Rottock Bay
Consolidated forestry project complies with the requirements of Government as set out in the
National Forest Policy 1991, the Forestry Act 1991 and it’s Regulations, the relevant environmental legislation, and other regulations and guidelines. The 2000/2001 Review of Forestry Projects “in process” examined compliance to the stage of “Project Guidelines being developed”. The current audit examines compliance from “Project Guidelines being developed’ to “the negotiated Project Agreement being presented to the Board for execution”. It also examines the degree to which the recommendations for remedial action made by the 2000/2001 Review Team and endorsed by the National Executive Council (NEC) have been implemented by the relevant Government agencies (in
particular the National Forest Service (NFS) and the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC)).