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Cocoa Carbon Initiative: Site Selection Report

NCRC and The Katoomba Incubator

By Asare, Rebecca Ashley
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There is a clear need for credible carbon maps that cover a nation which will offer a range of benefits to researchers, decision makers and project developers alike. This presents new opportunities for many tropical nations as a substantial source of finance for ecosystem protection. However, Ghana, like many tropical nations in Africa does not yet have a map of its forests and ecosystem resources, a vital tool in carbon stock accounting.
Therefore, this project has been designed with an overall goal to produce a freely available and accessible carbon map of Ghana by the end of 2010, which will be robust with a fifty metre resolution. Hence, in support of existing capacity building efforts on forest conservation, carbon stocks and REDD in Ghana, a scoping workshop was held in Accra on 2nd December, 2009 to lay the foundation for developing such a map.