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China’s Impact on Papua New Guinea’s Forestry Industry

By Yati Bun, Timothy King, Phil Shearman - Foundation for People and Community Development, Forest Information Services , University of Papua New Guinea Remote Sensing Centre, Forest Trends, CIFOR, DFID
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The harvesting and export of timber forms an important part of the Papua New Guinea national economy, and China is one of its most significant trading partners. China is the principal market for round logs from Papua New Guinea; it imported over one million cubic meters of logs from PNG in 2002. China’s imports of sawn timber and veneer from Papua New Guinea are currently insubstantial, and China does not currently import wood chips or plywood from PNG. Papua New Guinea has the potential to supply greater volumes of round logs and processed timber products to China in the
future. This resource availability needs to be carefully balanced against the profoundly negative social and environmental impacts of current forestry projects in PNG and the likelihood that most large-scale logging activities are not operating within the law.