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China’s Forest Product Exports

An Overview of Trends by Segment and Destinations

By Xiufang Sun, Nian Cheng , Kerstin Canby - Forest Trends, Forest Trends, Center for International Forestry Research, Chinese Center for Agricultural Policy, DFID
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China is now well recognized as a major timber importer. According to FAO, China has led the world in imports of industrial roundwood since 2001. An analysis of Chinese customs data indicates that China imported a total of 120 million cubic meters (RWE) of forest products in 2004. The dramatic impact this surge in imports is having on forests and livelihoods in supplying countries has brought much attention, and some critique, to China’s public policies and forest industry. Much less attention has been paid to
China’s exports and its role in supplying global demand for lower-cost forest products. This paper seeks to fill this gap.