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Annex 7: Priluzye Model Forest Certification Case

By Mikhail Karpachevskiy - Forest Trends
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The Priluzye Model Forest (PMF) is the project implemented at the area of 795,000 ha of the Priluzye Lekshoz – the state forest management unit – since 1999. The declared goal of this project is to establish a functioning model of sustainable forest management in compliance with international standards and dissemination of the gained experience throughout northern European Russia. The purpose of project is to provide effective protection of Pechoro-Ilych Zapovednik in the Ural mountains with its intact landscapes during the transitional period in Russia and to stimulate protection of virgin forests with their high biodiversity values located outside of protected areas by demonstrating possibilities of sustainable forestry with its alternatives to the current roundwood exploitation and economic development of the local societies by providing an
example of a model area.