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Vietnam’s Import of Tropical Timber and the Implementation of the Vietnam Timber Legality Assurance System: Africa, Cambodia, Laos, and Papua New Guinea.

By Phuc Xuan To, Cao Thi Cam, Tran Le Huy

On October 30, 2020, Vietnam started to implement its Timber Legality Assurance System (VNTLAS) with strict guidelines on how government authorities and companies would ensure the legality of Vietnam’s imported timber from high-risk sources. In this joint report between Forest Trends and the main timber trade associations of Vietnam, we explain the criteria and mechanisms[…]

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The World is Losing Its Forests. Community-led Conservation Can Help.


By Cheyenne Coxon and Genevieve Bennett

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Charcoal Production in Myanmar: Links to Illegality, Deforestation, and Rural Livelihoods in Tanintharyi Region

By Kevin M. Woods

Myanmar has the highest rate of mangrove loss in Southeast Asia, despite widespread recognition that these ecosystems are critical to protect local villages from coastal flooding. Charcoal production is a significant driver of mangrove deforestation in the country.   Forest Trends’ new data shows that the Myanmar Forest Department significantly underestimates the volume of mangrove[…]

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Biodiversity Communities

Fact Sheet: Community-led Conservation

The world is facing a mass extinction event, and so far has failed to meet any of its targets to reverse catastrophic biodiversity loss. As governments consider how to incorporate biodiversity and other “green recovery” concerns into COVID-19 stimulus measures and recovery plans, they must look beyond traditional “top-down” conservation strategies. A growing body of […]

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India’s Wooden Furniture and Wooden Handicrafts: Risk of Trade in Illegally Harvested Wood

By Marigold Norman and Kerstin Canby

This report document’s India’s role in the global timber supply chain, with a particular focus on the extent to which India’s furniture and handicrafts industries’ high demand for wood products from around the world may be driving India’s imports of illegally harvested wood. India’s rapidly expanding furniture manufacturing industries are setting their sights on close […]

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La esencia de nuestra existencia hasta que el sol se apague. Experiencias y aprendizajes en gobernanza territorial indígena en la Amazonía

Until the sun stops shining: Experiences and lessons in indigenous territorial governance in the Amazon

Hay muchas voces detrás de las luchas que enfrentan hoy los pueblos indígenas en la Amazonía, y ofrecen lecciones importantes para hacer valer sus derechos sobre sus tierras y recursos. Esta sabiduría debe estar disponible para las generaciones actuales y futuras de líderes indígenas. Este nuevo libro captura las voces de 22 líderes indígenas de[…]

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State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2020

Every year since 2006, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace initiative has tracked, through its globally-recognized survey, what would otherwise be an opaque market. This work has served as a consistent and comprehensive price discovery mechanism, while at the same time shedding light on the active project developers and intermediaries, thus answering fundamental questions about market dynamics, […]

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State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2020: Voluntary Carbon and the Post-Pandemic Recovery

Voluntary Carbon and the Post-Pandemic Recovery

By Stephen Donofrio, Patrick Maguire, Steve Zwick, and William Merry
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Investments Water

Preguntas y Respuestas: Las inversiones IOARR como medida de rápido impacto en la recuperación de los ecosistemas

By Yessica Armas

Las preguntas sistematizadas en esta publicación fueron realizadas en el marco del Webinar “Las inversiones IOARR como medida de rápido impacto en la recuperación de los ecosistemas” que contó con la participación de 645 especialistas de 13 regiones del Perú.

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The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation in Indigenous Territories

By Chris Van Dam

Indigenous populations of the Amazon own 210 million hectares of land and have proven to be highly skilled in the field of forest conservation: the deforestation rate is 0.8%, i.e., even less than that of protected areas (1.1%) and obviously significantly lower than that of the Amazon as a whole. However, under the rules of […]

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Ten Steps Towards Enforceable Due Diligence Regulations that Protect Forests

By Jade Saunders

Change is in the air. New regulations to address deforestation are under development in the EU, UK, and US and there is a groundswell of support, from civil society and corporate actors alike, for Due Diligence requirements to form the backbone of such legislation. This development is timely; a host of academic research now illustrates[…]