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Preguntas y Respuestas: Las inversiones IOARR como medida de rápido impacto en la recuperación de los ecosistemas

By Yessica Armas

Las preguntas sistematizadas en esta publicación fueron realizadas en el marco del Webinar “Las inversiones IOARR como medida de rápido impacto en la recuperación de los ecosistemas” que contó con la participación de 645 especialistas de 13 regiones del Perú.

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Climate Communities Forests

The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation in Indigenous Territories

By Chris Van Dam

Indigenous populations of the Amazon own 210 million hectares of land and have proven to be highly skilled in the field of forest conservation: the deforestation rate is 0.8%, i.e., even less than that of protected areas (1.1%) and obviously significantly lower than that of the Amazon as a whole. However, under the rules of […]

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Ten Steps Towards Enforceable Due Diligence Regulations that Protect Forests

By Jade Saunders

Change is in the air. New regulations to address deforestation are under development in the EU, UK, and US and there is a groundswell of support, from civil society and corporate actors alike, for Due Diligence requirements to form the backbone of such legislation. This development is timely; a host of academic research now illustrates[…]

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Analysis of China’s Trade with the EU and VPA Countries 2010-2019

By EU FLEGT Facility and Forest Trends

This paper assesses China’s forest product imports from FLEGT VPA countries and exports to the European Union (EU) plus European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) Member States between 2010-2019, set within the context of overall trade and market dynamics driving China’s supply and demand for forest products. We demonstrate that following China’s closure of its own[…]

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Programa de Mediadores Culturales (Cultural Mediators Program)

Brasil, Colombia, y México. Noviembre 2018. (Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. November 2018)

The Cultural Mediators program trains teachers and develops educational materials for young indigenous students on territorial governance, natural resource management, climate change, and cultural traditions. This document represents the work of Forest Trends and partners throughout Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.

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What is in Myanmar’s EITI Forestry Reports for 2016-2018?

By Forest Trends

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) requires countries to disclose financial information on their natural resource sector. The Myanmar EITI (MEITI) was one of the few countries to disclose forestry data alongside mining and oil and gas. The most recent reports cover FY16 & 17, coinciding with the first two years of the new National[…]

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Communities Forests

Conflict, Fragility, and Global Trade in High-Risk Timber

By Jade Saunders and Marigold Norman

Weak institutions and a weak rule of law have proved major impediments in reversing patterns of illegal logging in many forest-rich countries. However, they become even greater obstacles in countries with a history of violent or armed conflict. The World Bank’s latest List of Fragile and Conflict-affected Situations (FCS) includes a number of countries that […]

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Glosario de Términos sobre Infraestructura Natural

El presente documento realizado por el Proyecto Infraestructura Natural para la Seguridad Hídrica de USAID y el Gobierno de Canadá, tiene como objetivo presentar al lector la lista de términos oficiales que son utilizados con regularidad cuando nos referimos a infraestructura natural, y la formulación de inversiones y proyectos ecosistémicos. Este glosario junta definiciones aprobadas[…]

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Communities Water

Why Gender Equality is at the Heart of Our Water Security Strategy in Peru

By Cheyenne Coxon, Genevieve Bennett, and Gena Gammie

In partnership with the Peruvian government, civil society, academia, and women leaders from communities to national ministries, Forest Trends is building a strategy that aims to tackle both water security and gender equality. Our goal is to make increased investment in and capacity for natural infrastructure a central piece of Peru’s water security and climate […]

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Agriculture Water

Impactos del uso del suelo sobre la respuesta hidrológica de cuencas andinas

By Boris F. Ochoa-Tocachi, Wouter Buytaert, Bert De Bièvre, Rolando Célleri, Patricio Crespo, Marcos Villacís, Carlos A. Llerena, Luis Acosta, Mauricio Villazón, Mario Guallpa, Junior Gil-Ríos, Paola Fuentes, Dimas Olaya, Paúl Viñas, Gerver Rojas y Sandro Arias

Este estudio analiza datos generados a partir de una red de monitoreo participativo de veinticinco cuencas hidrográficas que cubren tres de los biomas andinos principales (páramo, jalca y puna) y vinculan sus respuestas hidrológicas a los principales tipos de intervenciones humanas (cultivo, forestación y pastoreo). Se implementó el método de cuencas pares para evaluar los[…]

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Resumen de investigación – Impactos del uso del suelo sobre la respuesta hidrológica de cuencas andinas

By Boris F. Ochoa-Tocachi, Dimas Olaya, Javier Antiporta, y Bert De Bièvre