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Climate Investments

2013 Results Report

Sharing Progress on the Path to Adoption of Cleaner and More Efficient Cooking Solutions

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The 2013 Results Report: Sharing Partner Progress on the Path to Adoption of Clean Cooking Solutions is the second in a series of annual reports tracked by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves ( the Alliance ), which Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace administered, analyzed and wrote.

With greater Alliance partner responses, the report tracked a 75% jump in stoves distributed from 2012. The resulting 14.3 million stoves tracked in distribution accounts for almost half of the 31.8 million stoves distributed since EPA’s Partnership for Clean Air (PCIA) started tracking progress in 2006. Special consideration was given to the Alliance’s eight focus countries, which represented nearly two out of every three cookstoves, in the form of breakout Focus Country Views that provides in-depth country descriptions and analysis. Additional analysis includes data collected from cookstove and fuel designers, manufacturers, distributors, testing organizations, researchers, local implementing partners, consultants, carbon project developers, multilateral institutions, investors, donors, and other organizations.