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Myanmar’s Timber Trade Since the Coup: The Impact of Sanctions

By The Forest Policy, Trade, and Finance Initiative

Two years since the coup d’état against the newly re-elected Union Government of Myanmar (UGoM), and despite a logging ban imposed by the junta and sanctions imposed by the EU, UK, US, Switzerland, and Canada, exports of forest products continue — topping more than half a billion US dollars since February 1, 2021. Sanctioned jurisdictions […]

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Recuperando la fluidez: Estado de la inversión en acciones en infraestructura natural para la seguridad hídrica, 2022

By Eliana Cerdán Estrada, Mia Smith, Mirtha Camacho Hernández, Claudia V. Grados Bueno

Este documento busca caracterizar la inversión, tanto pública como privada, que se ha realizado en nuestro país entre el 2008 y el 2021, en la temática de infraestructura natural y seguridad hídrica. Para ello, se han revisado diferentes bases de datos del Estado peruano, como el Invierte.pe, y la de la Agencia Peruana de Cooperación[…]

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New CITES regulations for timber species Afzelia, Khaya, and Pterocarpus, and implications for African exporters and Chinese and Vietnamese importers

By Catherine Rutherford, Phuc X. To, Anh K. Luong, Xiufang Sun and Sofia T. Fenton

African populations of highly exploited commercial timber species, Afzelia, Khaya, and Pterocarpus, have recently been listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in order to support their sustainable and legal trade. Many of these species come from countries with poor governance, high levels of corruption, and weak enforcement. China and Vietnam […]

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Infografía: Pajonales altoandinos

Conjunto de ecosistemas de gran importancia hídrica para la conservación de las cuencas y el desarrollo de las comunidades de los Andes

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Infographic: Forest-based Value Chains: A New Bioeconomy for the Amazon Forest

By Verena Manolis, Cheyenne Coxon, and Genevieve Bennett

Forest Trends partners with indigenous communities in Brazil’s Tupi Mosaic to develop economic enterprises that promote forest conservation. We’re building sustainable value chains for açaí, artisan products, Brazil nuts, and cacao, and demonstrating the business model for native seeds and seedlings. The “Amazon Bioeconomy” we are building mimics traditional Amazon management systems, creating a diversity […]

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Forest-based Value Chains: A New Bioeconomy for the Amazon Forest

As deforestation rates soar in the Amazon, national and regional governments are under pressure from the international community to control forest loss. The problem is that the current economic growth model relies on forest conversion for agriculture and livestock production, putting immense pressure on the forest and the indigenous communities living in it. But alternative […]

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Forest Trends Impact Report 2022

Resilience in Action

Forest Trends was founded with the mission of putting an economic engine behind nature conservation – the idea being that our economy, our society, and our wellbeing all depend in very real and material ways on healthy natural ecosystems.  That idea’s time has come. The world is looking to “nature-based solutions” to combat climate change, mitigate […]

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Turbulent Times For India’s Timber Trade

A 2021 Update of "India's Wooden Furniture and Wooden Handicrafts: Risk of Trade in Illegally Harvested Wood"

By Michael Richards, Sofia Tenorio Fenton, Naomi Basik Treanor, and Kerstin Canby

This report focuses on recent changes in India’s international timber trade, especially over the 2019–2021 period, and the implications (of identified changes) for India’s sourcing of illegally harvested or traded timber. The paper thus provides an update of Forest Trends’ 2020 report India’s wooden furniture and wooden handicrafts: risk of trade in Illegally harvested wood […]

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Corporate Implementation, Impacts, and Reporting on No-Deforestation & “Nature Positive” Post 2020

Companies are setting stronger, more wide-reaching commitments to address commodity-driven deforestation, but greater transparency and more consistent reporting are needed across all stages of the value chain to achieve these commitments, and deliver meaningful positive impacts on forests and other natural ecosystems. In the second part of this two-part series on the findings of Supply […]

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Hacia una arquitectura de financiación climática más inclusiva

Un análisis sobre la propuesta de LEAF y el estándar ART-TREES en relación a la problemática de los Pueblos Indígenas de América Latina

By Chris Van Dam

El principal objetivo de este documento es poder brindar elementos de reflexión y discusión para que las organizaciones indígenas de la Amazonía y Mesoamérica puedan tener mayores elementos para saber de qué se trata, cuales son los pros y los contras de esta iniciativa, y para que, a partir de allí, puedan trazar mejor un […]