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Webinar: State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets 2014

4:30 PM - 6:00 AM EDT, [Webex Webinar],

On May 28, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace successfully launched the executive summary of our 2014 State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets report before the largest standing-room-only audience to date at Carbon Expo in Cologne. Now, we warmly invite you to an event on June 24th hosted by Hunton & Williams, where a panel of carbon experts will join us in presenting and discussing more in-depth findings from our report.

Join us for this special event to find the answers to questions like, “At what stage in the project cycle are most offsets sold, and at what price? How does voluntary offsetting fit into corporations supply chain sustainability? How did voluntary and compliance offset markets relate in 2014?

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Our latest report builds on data collected from a global pool of offset suppliers worldwide to provide insights that will once again become an industry benchmark.

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Presentation: Molly Peters-Stanley – Director, Ecosystem Marketplace; and Gloria Gonzalez – Senior Associate, Ecosystem Marketplace

Moderator: Michael Jenkins – President and CEO, Forest Trends

Panel Respondents:

Christian Dannecker – Director Forestry, South Pole Group

Brian McFarland – Director of Carbon Projects and Origination,

Hans Wegner -Chief Sustainability Officer, National Geographic Society