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Webinar: Natural Capital Markets for Watershed Services


In this webinar, Natural Capital Markets (NCM) together with Ecosystem Marketplace (EM) will focus on the use of market (based) instruments to conserve watershed services. In particular, the role of different actors such as the private sector and local communities will be discussed. Panelists will also explore leading and emerging models for investments in natural capital. The webinar will be based on findings from a NCM study on PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) and biodiversity offsets, and findings from latest recent EM publication “Payments for Watershed Services: An Executive Summary for Business.” 

The webinar will start at 16:00 CET/10:00 EDT and will run for about one hour. Participation is free of charge (language: English).

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Joost Bakker (NCM) is the lead author of the NCM study on offsets and PES. Joost Bakker has been project manager for business and biodiversity at the Global Nature Fund for four years. He specializes in market-based instruments for biodiversity. Previously he worked as an analyst at Inrate (Switzerland). 

Nathaniel Carroll (EM) is Associate Director of Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace. He currently directs biodiversity and water activities and market-crosscutting projects, including the Ecosystem Services Matrix and MarketWatch, which help stakeholders understand the shape, relationship, and scope of ecosystem markets.

Genevieve Bennett (EM) is a Senior Associate at Ecosystem Marketplace, contributing market tracking and analysis to both the water and biodiversity programs. She is the lead author of “Charting New Waters: State of Watershed Payments 2012,” a co-author of the “State of Biodiversity Markets 2011” report, and has written on water and biodiversity finance for “Ecosystem Marketplace” as well as for “Environmental Finance magazine”, and “The Little Biodiversity Finance Book”.