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Webinar: Business and Deforestation – Are Companies Going to Meet Their Supply Chain Commitments?


Two years remain in the timetable for deforestation commitments laid out by the likes of the Consumer Goods Forum, the New York Declaration on Forests, and We Mean Business. While there is growing evidence that companies are setting goals to manage deforestation within their commodity supply chains – with now nearly 450 companies profiled on, analysis shows that much remains to be done to increase the momentum toward the necessary transformational action.

In this webinar, we will discuss two new reports from the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 and Forest Trends’ Supply Change initiative and debate the state of play with leading companies working towards deforestation-free commodity supply chains.

We will outline some of the new research’s key conclusions and examine trends among corporate commitments to reduce deforestation from the “big four” agricultural commodities – palm, timber & pulp, soy, and cattle.

Webinar panelists will include: 

Marco Albani, Director, TFA 2020

Stephen Donofrio, Senior Advisor, Supply Change 

Other corporate deforestation experts will include: 

Katie McCoy, Head of Forests Program, CDP

Moderated by:

Ian Welsh, Publishing Director, Innovation Forum


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The report will be available here on/around March 20.