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The Pulp and Paper Sector: Workshop for EU Competent Authorities and other Stakeholders

National Measurement Office,, London, United Kingdom

This two-day workshop was organized by Forest Trends and Chatham House and hosted at the National Measurement Office in London. It followed a series of thematic Chatham House meetings on the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and brought together European and US enforcement authorities to explore technical challenges to effective implementation of the EUTR and Lacey Act in the pulp and paper sector. The agenda included presentations scoping the nature and dimensions of the global trade in pulp and paper products, legal and illegal modalities in the sector, and practical experience from companies assessing their supply chains with a view to regulatory compliance. Background papers on the paper sector in China and Indonesia were prepared and presented by Forest Trends researchers, and a particular focus was given to the issue of validating legality in forest conversion for pulp plantations in Indonesia.

Meeting Summary: The EU Timber Regulation and the Pulp and Paper Sector


China’s Pulp & Paper Industry

Gary Bull, Jeremy Williams

Chatham House & Forest Trends

Due Diligence in Importing

Carnstone Partners LLP 

EUTR in the Pulp & Paper Sector: Introduction to trade flow trends

Rupert Oliver

Forest Industries Intelligence Ltd

Fibre Testing for Paper & Board Products

Rob Langley


FSC and the Pulp and Paper Sector in context of EU TR

John Hontelez

Forest Stewardship Council

Identification of Mixed Tropical Hardwood in Pulp and Paper

Dr. Andrea Olbrich 

Thünen Institute of Wood Research

India’s Pulp & Paper Fiber Sources

Jeremy Williams 

Forest Trends & UKaid

Indonesian Pulp Mill Supplies & Legality Risks

An Lambrechts


Pulp & Paper Production, Consumption, and Trade Flows

The P&P sector in Indonesia & legality verification (SVLK)

The Pulp & Paper Sector in Indonesia and Legality Verification

National Capital Advisors LLC